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Our Software for Your Daily SAP Work

In a BI world that is becoming increasingly complex, our software products ensure transparency and efficiency.
We want to make your everyday work easier and give you some time for your core business back. That’s why we develop tools that automate time-consuming routine tasks, make the cooperation between IT and business departments easier, and are profitable in an instant.


Work smarter, not harder -
automate your SAP Business Analytics.


Automate your technical SAP documentation.

Analyze and maintain your SAP systems at the push of a button.


Accelerate your BW/4HANA migration.


Translate your SAP BW system effortlessly.

Power to the people –
BI Self Service is the future.


Give departments the opportunity to answer their own questions about key figures, reports and correlations – including the technical ones.


Reports and dashboards and up-to-date technical information extracted from the SAP systems on one platform – easy to understand and centrally accessible. This is how efficient BI reporting works.

SAP Metadata for everyone -
introducing our API


Our latest product: An API for those who want to empower their business by enriching Data Catalogs with SAP metadata.

Already successfully integrated into our partners’ Data Catalogs, the API reliably provides end users with detailed information on the SAP Analytics landscape.

This makes it easy to understand where data comes from and how it is transformed.

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