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Generative AI


Unlock Generative AI for your Business

At TAIBASH we get beyond the hype, helping you bring out your best by building cutting-edge AI innovation directly into the systems that power much of your  business. We assist you with extensive new integrations of natural language generative AI copilot Joule and swathe of new Business AI capabilities throughout your business applications.


Drive intelligent Business self-service capabilities

  • Save time and improve efficiency by streamlining and automating HR processes with Joule. 

Automatically Identify new market opportunities and growth areas

  • Accelerate your business strategy and planning processes across multiple categories with AI. Reduce onboarding time and adapt to market change with insight and agility.

Supercharge your business, boost e-commerce, and improve customer service

  • Serve customers better by answering questions proactively using trusted and reliable data. Use AI to generate responses, case overviews, and more with prompts built for customer service teams. Create discovery questions and emails built for sales teams.

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